Monday, February 8, 2010

My butt can bear it all

I'm 38, my husband works abroad and I have to stay at home alone, I am bored.

In December I had to visit the doctor.

He prescribed me a series of injections and a heap of pills.

I told him I could not stand pills.

He asked if I agreed further injections as an alternative.

I said yes.

The outcome was that I had to go to the nurse every day, lying on my stomach and she gave me two injections in my butt, one in the left side and one in the right. One as a part of the series and one as substituton of the pills. Both were big. All together 2 x 15 injections. The nurse said my butts are big enough to bear a treatment like this.

Though in the end I could not sit down.

All in all, I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, on Monday I visit the doctor again, for a repeated treatment.



Anonymous said...

Dear Betty ,

your story was very good and thank you very much for sharing it with us . Could you please tell me what kind were the injections that you had(antibiotics,b12,painkillers etc)
was that hurt?
and the new treatment is also 30 more injections?

Thank you very much again